I am Julian
Creative art director

The lottery prize in Brazil is huge in the end of the year.

To translate the impact of the amount of money (it's R$220 millions that we are talking about), we did a campaign that shows people "feeling" it.

Mega da Virada Mega da Virada


Also, we've created a playlist where song names range from 01 to 60. Then, we invited people to listen to the songs in random mode to discover theirs lucky numbers.

Mega da Virada

Brazilians don't have the habit of reading.

So we subdivided books into little parts of 2 to 5 minutes. Then, we send it daily by our app, the Pocket Reading.

Leitura de Bolso Leitura de Bolso Leitura de Bolso

It is very difficult to deal with a credit card limit.

We created a campaign to Bacen (the Central Bank of Brazil) that tells people not to exceed the limit.

Bacen - Do not exceed the limit
Bacen - Do not exceed the limit
Bacen - Do not exceed the limit

People who travel by plane get worried about their luggage.

We never know if our luggage stays safe during the trip or whether if it's going to the right airport. To resolve this, we created a device which the traveler can talk with his/her luggage on Twitter. The traveler receives infos about luggage localization in real time.

Tweet Bag Tweet Bag Tweet Bag

The number of brazilian children without the birth certificate is huge.

These children doesn’t have benefits guaranteed by the government, like health, education, and food. On the other hand, many children have their soccer team selected by their parents even before they are born. The idea is to collect data by registering new fans. The same data will be used on birth certificates.

Registered Passion Registered Passion Registered Passion